Soho House

Brunch on Miami Beach.  Brunch Buffet on Miami Beach.  WOW.. i think they offer this buffet on both Saturday and Sunday.  If you love to eat, people watch and be somewhere beautiful, then try it.  Make sure you have a reservation.  There are so few really lovely calm light places to enjoy a meal.  go   and invite me to join you!

Wallcast at The New World Symphony

Sitting inside at a concert in the beautiful, acoustically magnificent concert hall is a wonderful experience.  But sitting outside on the grass is almost as good.

With a state of the art speaker system 1000 people enjoy the sound, and with a six story wall where the concert is projected lets you see and hear the best of it.  Come early, bring some chairs, a picnic, friends, a bottle of wine.


The food was fabulous, The wait an hour, the price outrageous.

Took my mom here one of those days when we were stupid hungry.  It absolutely loved like the business place to see and be seen.  They offered a 29 dollar lunch but we wanted something else.  When the bill came our something else was 145 dollars a piece.  Nothing is that good if it doesn’t clean up after me.