This long and excessively hot summer might just be the time to sit inside and watch all the tv I haven’t watched all year. How come I don’t watch Veep, or know what Girls is? How do I not know about Kimmy Schmidt. These shows keep making every list and I don’t know them I do know Catatrophe and I can tell you its marvelous. Go – now, tune in. Another list of tv shows i want to watches here.

Cooking with my Sous Vide

A few weeks ago I bought a dozen chicken thighs, sucked the air out of you few bags, seasoned some thighs one way, some another. Then dropped then in a big pot of water, set the Sous Vide to cook to 160 degrees, and went about my day. Wen we took them out, we freed up the skin, made a gravy and yum…

Then a few of the remaining bags went into the freezer. Tonight, before I left for the movies, I pulled out a bag, dropped in the water, set the Sous Vide to 157 degrees, and came home to some truly good chick, ready to have the skin fried to a crisp in a hot pan in butter. I think Im finally finding a great use for the sous vide.


Another Documentary

Tonight it was Letters From Baghdad.  To be honest I nodded off.   But it was interesting.  The story of Gertrude Bell, a young British women who found herself in the Mideast and fell in love with the place in the early 1900’s.  The scenes was beautiful, the story well told.  I almost felt as if I had been there.