I have been trying to figure out what this is all about for some time. In the end it boils down to just this-  I like what I do and I live an interesting life. When I lunch with friends these are the things we talk about…
In addition I need a place to store all this info. What I am reading, which movies I have seen, interesting articles, intermittent thoughts, info on the things I do when I go to NYC or Chicago (new cities to be added as I need or time allows). And even my recommendations for friends and family who come to visit Miami.
I guess its a peek into the storage spaces of my brain. My memory fails so often on names and places.. so I have laid it out for myself and invite you to take a peek…
Did I mention restaurants. For 8 years I have been going out to dinner with a friend, we never repeat a place. so we have been to many. Hi and low, near and far, but always interesting and almost always good… the list is here.

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