The Peacock Garden Cafe

Coconut grove for lunch.  Love this place.

Screenshot 2017-05-26 10.47.29.png

The food is good but the atmosphere is why i go.  Sometimes I just want to eat in the garden and this is one of the few places in Miami where one can do that.  The bonus being the food is good and you take a walk through the Grove afterwards.  It can feel like  wind tunnel outside and they are pretty strict about not serving dinner items at lunch.

2889 McFarlane  Coconut Grove



Another nice Wednesday night find I wouldn’t have tried otherwise.  On Main Highway in the grove we took Emma ( the puppy) out to dinner and found ourselves at a lovely outdoor table where i could watch all the action in the Grove.  Dinner was good.  I would go back.  It might not be my first choice, but it was good.  Its hard, When you go to a new restaurant every week for years, it takes a lot to make the list of places i want to go back to.  Sorry Boho, you were good, just not special enough.