I have loved La Boulangerie since I first tried it on the curve of Coral Way a few years ago.  But what a long drive for Paparadelle Funghi.  So when a restaurant of the same name advertised its opening in Pinecrest, at the old Gardners on 124th Street my heart beat faster.. could it be the same place?  YES, with the same menu.  Apparently this is location 4.  There is one on the key, and also in Aventura.  Oh happy day!

Wagons West

Can you say Disco Fries?  Grilled Swiss Cheese with Bacon on Whole Wheat with BBQ sauce on the side.  If you can, this is the place to say it.  Also known for its milk shakes, patty melts and other food from the griddle.


We say it’s so good because the grease on the griddle has been there for 100 years.  YUMLogomakr_9igh41