Italian on 53rd

When looking for a place to eat I sometimes just have a direction.. Tonight I wanted to see what we could find on 53rd Street.   I was here a few months ago and between 2nd and 3rd Avenue this street is packed with restaurants,  and an Insomnia cookie.  After reviewing a few menus we selected  Angelo Bellini.   It was very good.  I had a fabulous Cosmopolitan from the bar which left me a bit stupid, and a delicious Veal Marsala… I couldn’t finish it.  The bread was good, a bit of olive oil and cheese.. voila, Im a happy camper.


Caffe Vialetto


Hands Down my favorite, even though they don’t have a dessert I love.  For the first two years I came here I got the Papparadeli Short Ribs.  I had tasted it and knew nothing could compare.  Then one night I tried a piece of fish with risotto, then I tried the short rib, then another piece of fish.  Now I don’t know what to order except of course the Duck Salad to start, unless I order the Ceasar, with a few anchovies.  Beer and Wine only. 


I have gone  back and forth on DiNapoli for years.  My first experience was bad, then years later I returned and it was fine.  I have been twice in the past year and taken out twice, all good.  So, for neighborhood Italian its a good choice.  You have to choose it over Papa Piccolo ( ), Papa Riccos ( at 144 and US 1) and giros ( ) which isn’t easy.



Across from town and country Mall.

I loved this little place.  Great upscale Italian , cloth napkins on the table, lovely wait staff.  They have an extensive menu and are happy to make adjustments.  I was able to get a vegetable.  I have been a few times and everyone has bee happy with everything they had.  I suggest a reservation as they do fill up.