Marie Belle Chocolate

484 Broome Street

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And Its all about the box.  The chocolate are very good and really beautiful, but you actually need to pay for that box.  The place has rules.  They will sell you a maximum of 2 chocolates at $2.50 apiece,  If you want more,  You  need to buy the box.  At Marie Belle the box is the “concept”.

Do the Math.. 4 chocolates at $2.50 each cost $10. But if you want to buy 4 Chocolate you will need to purchase a box of 4 for $20.

Needless to say this did not sit well with me and after speaking to the young manager who refused to give me his name, nor did he seem to know the words “I’m very sorry” , I  eventually walked out with a free $45 box of chocolates.    Don’t ask.  And yes, that would be $40 worth of chocolate and a $5 box!   I will go back, to try the hot chocolate.  I hear it is great… I may bring back my box and see what they do?  hehehehehe



We stumbled across this little noodle shop (HIDE CHAN 248 east 52nd street.) on our way home one afternoon.  Though the noodles were good and the 2nd floor shop with 7 tables charming, what stood out were the edamame.  Cooked in garlic, butter and soy….




City Cakes

fullsizeoutput_373City Cakes – It’s not really cakes. Its cupcakes and cookies and all tempting things!!!   This 4′ X 6′ , practically underground bake shop at 251 west 18th Street (Btw 7th & 8th Ave) caught my eye as I was walking to the Joyce to see The Parsons Dance Company– Amazing .  Afterwards I took the girls, they had the tarter key lime cupcake while I enjoyed the standard birthday cake.  To resist the cookies was a feat- when i saw the three 1/2 pound cookies stacked into a cake with icing between the layers- lets just say the girls had to drag me out.

Canal Street Collective

When I was heading down to the Dim Sum Luncheon I took the 6 subway to canal street. Listening to  with the calls of “want a purse lady” and “Rolex watches” I turned to find this charming market.  One side food, the other a variety of food kiosks.  I shopped a bit, ate nothing, and Hope    to return some time soon.

Dim Sum Luncheon

It isn’t every day that you sponsor a young Chinese woman who is working on a class project and decides to organize a Dim Sum Lunch.  Lillian arranged it and we enjoyed it.  There was enough food for a small army.  We met some lovely people and had some laughs.  We learned the proper way to eat soup dumpling (bite off the top, suck out the soup, add sauce if you like, chew) and the history of the six dumplings we tried.  All very educational and delicious.   100 Mott Street.   She says they are the most authentic.