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And I cook.  Nothing extravagant but still yummy.

  • Cooking with my Sous Vide - A few weeks ago I bought a dozen chicken thighs, sucked the air out of you few bags, seasoned some thighs one way, some another. Then dropped then in a big pot of water, set the Sous Vide to cook to 160 degrees, and went about my day. Wen we took them out, we freed … Continue reading Cooking with my Sous Vide
  • - Mushrooms on Toast  I keep coming across recipes for mushrooms on toast.  I see it listed among other sides when serving steak.  I think about it a lot.  And I’m going to make it-  eventually.  Please let me know if you make it.  Invite me over or leave a tip.  its gotta be scruptous.  Im … Continue reading
  • Chinese Meatballs - My mom made this all the time when i was growing up.  We all loved the Chinese flavor and i think this was cheap and easy.  served with white rice and you have dinner.
  • Bacon, cheese and onion Quiche - For the recipe
  • Juevos Estrellados - I had this in a restaurant once and it was perfect.  I went back and they had used precut potatoes.  It was a bad move.  Ive dreamed about this dish and searched for a recipe until i finally had to make it up myself. I even make some of it ahead.
  • The Perfect Steak - You can sear your steak in a pan then bake it and you will get a good steak. If you want a better steak put a room temperature steak into a 250 degree oven until the internal temperature reaches 90 degrees.  Remove from the oven and sear in a hot pan.
  • Soy Sauce Spare Ribs - I lke salt.  I like soy sauce.  SO these are salty, soy saucy, suck the bones ribs.   My mom marinated for an hour or two, i marinate overnight and into the next day when it comes time to cook dinner.  Adjust as you must.
  • Lydias Turkey Chili - Without beans, serve stirred together with brown rice.