Best Meal, best dessert

In Philadelphia for a few days, keeping safe from Hurricane Irma and walking the streets getting familiar with the area. Im curios about union club of Philadelphia , what is it?  As i walked by I was able to look in the street level window and saw a kitchen.  I mean a kitchen, then a kitchen, then a pastry kitchen.  Was this this Union Club or part of a culinary institute.  I must find out.


But i digress.  Tonight I had dinner alone at the bar at Barbuzzo.  Well, not the bar, but a counter in front of the grilling cooktop.  What a show.  And the best meal.  I had a steak, sliced, drenched in mushrooms, potatoes and asparagus, with a green garlic sauce.. heaven.  And dessert, a small pot of chocolate crunch, pudding, caramel… could not have been sweeter or more delicious.

The Midwife.. oh yes, wonderful.. this movie had it all.  In the law after i was lacking it up with two ladies who felt as I did.  The recommended I see Maudie next.  Perhaps I will!

Catherine Deneuve was perfect as the unwanted step mom who returns to make up for the past.  Sit back, enjoy.

Viceroy’s House, starring the dad from Downton Abbey.  Gotta love him, and his wife, and most of the story of partition of India.  Which, according to the Guardian, is historically incorrect (fake history they call it) in where it lays blame for the millions of lives lost during partitiion.
Absolutely don’t have to enjoy a single minute of the love story, blachhh.  I would skip this one.