13 Minutes that could have changed the course of history.
Not well advertised but soul moving.. what a story and so well told.
How did the Nazis come to power? What was it like in the towns? For the people? Who fell in line and who resisted?
Georg Elser saw it happening and tried to stop it. Unfortunately the bomb he assembled to blow Hitler and his Reich to pieces went off 13 minutes to late.

Haunting, unnerving, stomach turning… marvelous and worthwhile.


On Giralda, tonight we brought the dog and sat outside at Mesa Mar.  Bug city.  I don’t recommend the outdoor seating at this time of year but I loved this place.  It has everything it takes to be a new favorite.

Great food, including a magnificent Chocolate Mousse.  we ate off the Miami Spice Menu.   Sharing all good things.  A grilled fish, what presentation.  A small Filet Mignon with potatoes.  Fresh delicious veggies.  The appetizer sushi and fish croquettes.  And two of those wonder Mousse Desserts.

With a chef owner on site it was ll spectacular.


Must return for the Truffle Parmesan Bacon Fries.

Made my own burger with a big fat onion ring, BBQ sauce, sautéed onions, cheddar cheese….

Had to skip dessert as there are at least three bakeries and a chocolate shoppe here on 5th Street in Brooklyn.

Screenshot 2017-05-23 00.03.10

You wouldn’t think that a there could be a pair of glasses that is so much better than all other pairs.. but this pair is.. from the case that stays shut yet opens effortlessly to the lightweight flexibility of these ( for me currently 1.5) magnifiers.

Trust me.. you will love them.