13 Minutes that could have changed the course of history.
Not well advertised but soul moving.. what a story and so well told.
How did the Nazis come to power? What was it like in the towns? For the people? Who fell in line and who resisted?
Georg Elser saw it happening and tried to stop it. Unfortunately the bomb he assembled to blow Hitler and his Reich to pieces went off 13 minutes to late.

Haunting, unnerving, stomach turning… marvelous and worthwhile.

Another Documentary

Tonight it was Letters From Baghdad.  To be honest I nodded off.   But it was interesting.  The story of Gertrude Bell, a young British women who found herself in the Mideast and fell in love with the place in the early 1900’s.  The scenes was beautiful, the story well told.  I almost felt as if I had been there.


Monterey Pop,  it grew on me.  I keep flashing back to the scenes of happy engaged faces rocking to the music.  No cell phones, no cameras out.  How old I must be becoming if I am complaining about ‘changing times’ and feeling romantic and nostalgic for the good old days….

Pretty Bad Movie – The Beguiled

I have few good things to say about The Beguiled.   If I search for something positive I suppose it would have to be I wasn’t bored watching.  For me the story didn’t hold true. The characters were insincere, the moral missing, the purpose- anybodies guess.  More, it didn’t hold true in any way to it’s time period.  Go see something else.