The Novitiate

I don’t think this movie will encourage you to become a nun, but it was fascinating to watch.  A young neglected girl falls in love with the church and we watch as she goes through the stages to take her vows. Simultaneously Vatican II is happening outside the walls, and eventually inside.  I was shocked to find that 90,000 nuns left their calling as the repercussions of Vatican II.


aida’s secret

Once again I found myself walking across the park to The Lincon Center Movie Theatre. A new story, a documentary, a reason to reflect, count your blessings, remember horror, and a journey.   I could have liked the characters more, but i didn’t need to.  the story was just compelling enough to keep me interested. And free.

Megan Leavey

Based on the true story of Megan Leavey and her dog Rex.  This movie tugged at every heart string.   I sat rapt for the entire two hours.  I didn’t know what the movie was about or where it was going, but that didn’t matter.  Like reading a good book, I enjoyed a good story,  the entire ensemble provided perfect performances.  Wow, because not a movie I would have picked myself.


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