You can get MONKEY BREAD in south miami

I am loving the Madruga Bakery.  The picture above is not the monkey bread.  It is a small bun of cinnamony knots of sweetness that was devoured before I even thought to take a photo.  But the bakery is lovely, conveniently located in South Miami behind the publix.  They have a limited lunch menu.. its clean, its open, it smells good.



One of the most well balanced Ceasar Salads I have ever had.
And here is the remnants of the lamb sandwich .
At the new SLS Brickell.
We enjoyed a really relaxing lunch. It was one of those menus where you really had no idea what you were ordering but the waitress explained each dish with gusto and the food was good, the place cheerful and we did get cloth napkins.

Al Carbon

The I first went to Al Carbon it was the best burger around.  Its a STUFFED Burger… with almost anything you might want.  There wasn’t much competition back then, few craft places or pub style burger joints.  Its still really really good, as are the ribs, and deserts.  If you are down Coral Way and want a burger, maybe to sit outside or bring the dog?  this is a good place to go.

Lung Yao

8th Street about 22nd av?  I love it.  But come prepared.  There is often a wait for a seat in this tiny open kitchen Thai place.  The food is worth it but then you have to decide if you can live by the rules.  Mainly, order once and dont try to add on.  You would think they would be happy to sell you more but it is known around town that they have refused to add onto your order.