Minetta Tavern is a meat lovers dream,  A burger renowned across the city.  Located blocks from Washington Square Park…. By far the most expensive meal I ever paid for but worth it to see my kids happy.. And the steak tartare – nothing will ever come close.  We had a steak for two the size of a house accompanied by the best bone marrow and shallot ever.  After dinner we enjoyed a soufflé of chocolate yumminess.  I have never been so full.  Nor happy.

Chef Adriannes

Out narthex Tamiami Airport. Overpriced but relish.  We arrived without a reservation nd sat at the bar.  The bartender was more than friendly, the food more than good, yet I know I will not be returning.  I guess I just think there are better places.  BUT, if you find yourself in the neighborhood, it is absolutely worth a try.