at Merrick park has become a new favorite.  Its so lovely to sit outside in a pretty though unnatural setting.  The food is great and varied, the service usually good tho never great. .  In my mind this is meant to be a relaxing place to waste away some time over good food with a good friend.





Across from town and country Mall.

I loved this little place.  Great upscale Italian , cloth napkins on the table, lovely wait staff.  They have an extensive menu and are happy to make adjustments.  I was able to get a vegetable.  I have been a few times and everyone has bee happy with everything they had.  I suggest a reservation as they do fill up.

Phuc Yea

7100 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL — 33138
(305) 602-3711

so worth it.  Best to go with a few people so you can order more and share. There was nothing not to like about this place.  In a what used to be possibly a hotel we were seated around the corner up a flight of steps and to the back.  it felt right.  nothing usual about anything we ordered, yet nothing so unusual that we were off put.

Lung Yao

8th Street about 22nd av?  I love it.  But come prepared.  There is often a wait for a seat in this tiny open kitchen Thai place.  The food is worth it but then you have to decide if you can live by the rules.  Mainly, order once and dont try to add on.  You would think they would be happy to sell you more but it is known around town that they have refused to add onto your order.