Chocolate In The Village

The second chocolate shoppe that called out to me was Royces.  Japanese chocolate.  Who’da thunk?  I will think now I tell you.  The milk chocolate bar was amazing.  Melt in your mouth smooth.  I wasn’t so thrilled with the marshmallow chocolates.  The champagne chocolate was pretty good, but the best were the cookie wafers… mmm mmm good



Minetta Tavern is a meat lovers dream,  A burger renowned across the city.  Located blocks from Washington Square Park…. By far the most expensive meal I ever paid for but worth it to see my kids happy.. And the steak tartare – nothing will ever come close.  We had a steak for two the size of a house accompanied by the best bone marrow and shallot ever.  After dinner we enjoyed a soufflé of chocolate yumminess.  I have never been so full.  Nor happy.

Italian on 53rd

When looking for a place to eat I sometimes just have a direction.. Tonight I wanted to see what we could find on 53rd Street.   I was here a few months ago and between 2nd and 3rd Avenue this street is packed with restaurants,  and an Insomnia cookie.  After reviewing a few menus we selected  Angelo Bellini.   It was very good.  I had a fabulous Cosmopolitan from the bar which left me a bit stupid, and a delicious Veal Marsala… I couldn’t finish it.  The bread was good, a bit of olive oil and cheese.. voila, Im a happy camper.

Next trip to NYC

I’m going to try ….

The Public Theater

At Hudson EatsWhat to order: Northern Tiger’s juicy handmade lamb dumplings, slick with spicy sauce ($8).

PUBLIC ART FUND sponsors exhibits around the city

Butterfield  B’w 77 & 78 on Lex for take out lunch

Authentic Japanese fried chicken

For nutty brownies… many locations

Mighty Quinns BBQ

for soup pork dumplings     Delivery???

Murrays cheese shop

secret science club????

I’m getting excited already

Marie Belle Chocolate

484 Broome Street

Screenshot 2017-05-27 14.16.13

And Its all about the box.  The chocolate are very good and really beautiful, but you actually need to pay for that box.  The place has rules.  They will sell you a maximum of 2 chocolates at $2.50 apiece,  If you want more,  You  need to buy the box.  At Marie Belle the box is the “concept”.

Do the Math.. 4 chocolates at $2.50 each cost $10. But if you want to buy 4 Chocolate you will need to purchase a box of 4 for $20.

Needless to say this did not sit well with me and after speaking to the young manager who refused to give me his name, nor did he seem to know the words “I’m very sorry” , I  eventually walked out with a free $45 box of chocolates.    Don’t ask.  And yes, that would be $40 worth of chocolate and a $5 box!   I will go back, to try the hot chocolate.  I hear it is great… I may bring back my box and see what they do?  hehehehehe