Lincoln Road Miami Beach

If you are visiting from out of town, and staying out on Miami Beach then you will need to take an evening stroll on Lincoln Road.  Best to go later on a Friday or Saturday night when the full effect can be enjoyed, or Sunday for brunch and the farmers market. But the real attraction on Lincoln road is the people watching.  Tourists galore but mixd in are the locals walking their dogs and each other.  Perhaps do a little shopping and grab an ice cream.


Clyde Butcher/Tamiami trail


Another nice car ride, and if you are here for a week and want to spend the night in Naples and see what that’s all about, driving across Tamiami Trail, through Big Cypress, stop in at the famous Everglades  photographers museum.  Or just drive out for the afternoon.

People come to Miami and they think of South Beach.  I don’t know why south Beach.  Yes there is some interesting architecture but what else is there?  night life, hot sand beaches, overpriced food.   I don’t get it.