I have to say I struggled at first to find the purpose of this book and to find the voice in which to read it

I read aloud in my head and this story, this explanation, this tale, was like few I have read. When halfway through I found that voice and thoroughly enjoyed a new story, told in a new way.

As with so many books I enjoy it wasn’t about anything particularly thrilling, just a lovely little story that gave a peek into a journey of an elephant in the sixteenth century and those that accompanied him



Call Me By Your Name

Beautifully filmed and well acted we all agreed the best part of the movie was the last minute and a half. It seems everything was leading up to the fathers speech, and what some of us saw a the big reveal.
Taking place in the 80’s in Italy, a professor and his family entertain a doctoral student for the summer.

The Shape Of Water

I don’t often, if ever do fantasy or sci fi and now i know why. It isnt real and I know it. But I did enjoy this film about a creature from the sea. And Im guessing that after a day or two of thinking about it, I’ll find the messages and like it more.